Pacejet reduces shipping costs over 20%, improving Ryonet’s operations

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Ryonet started from a punk rock band’s need for tour money, and grew into one of the largest e-commerce screen printing supply companies. The company achieved instant ROI, reduced shipping costs over 20%, and improved their operations by using Pacejet enterprise shipping with their NetSuite ERP solution.

Ryonet reduced shipping costs by over 20% using insights from Pacejet to negotiate lower rates with its leading parcel carrier.

Ryonet was able to pay for their annual subscription of Pacejet in month one and went on to experience additional benefits, such as improved customer service due to adding regional carriers. Ryonet is just one example of how implementing Pacejet with NetSuite can increase productivity and make shipping easier by eliminating the need for multiple systems and automating functions like document printing.

One System, Lower Costs, and Efficient Shipping

With Pacejet, Ryonet realized they could lower their carrier pricing by negotiating their UPS rates. Having the ability to rate shop helped Ryonet see the potential in carrier savings. Pacejet provides the fast delivery solution that Ryonet was looking for at the lowest cost.

Another way that Pacejet helps Ryonet is by allowing them visibility in their delivery times. Pacejet will push out the estimated delivery time when you are in the quoting process, making it easy to confirm.

Streamline Operations and Improve Efficiency

Through their NetSuite ERP, Pacejet’s integration helped Ryonet achieve shipment savings in the first month of implementation. Once Pacejet was up and running, Ryonet was able to rate shop, view delivery time confirmations, consolidate the pick, pack, and ship fulfillment line, as well as confirm with carriers when certain features were required, like a lift gate. Even just by letting their freight carriers know about a residential address with a need for a lift gate saved them money because they weren’t getting billed by the carrier afterward with a surcharge.

With Pacejet integrated through your ERP, you are able to audit the cost of shipments, include any additional fees or upcharges, track delivery dates, assist in the pick, pack, and ship process on the shipping line, and know you are able to get the best price for your shipments.






  • Competing with brick and mortar stores on efficient shipping turnaround times
  • Spending around $160,000 a month in shipping costs
  • Using multiple systems and websites to ship
  • Unsure about customer delivery times
  • Lost time entering data, processing shipments, creating paperwork


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping


  • Reduced shipping costs by over 20%
  • Achieved 100% ROI within one month of going live
  • Able to renegotiate carrier rates after one month of Pacejet use
  • Reduced manual data entry time and related errors with ERP integration
  • Automated printing of shipping labels and paperwork
  • Allowed multiple people visibility into shipments

It's fantastic. I don't have to guess anymore. We probably had a 20% reduction in our shipping costs. It was dramatic. We were paying $160,000 a month in shipping before Pacejet.

Mark NeedhamDirector of Operations at Ryonet

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