Thos. Baker reduces costs and improves service on 25% of warehouse orders

Thos Baker Furniture table and dog retail shipping software

Thos. Baker is a leading catalog and online retailer of premium outdoor living products and game room furnishings, as well as casual furniture, accessories and decor for all the places and spaces where family and friends gather to entertain and celebrate.

Challenge of Choosing a Shipping Solution

Thos. Baker needed a way to more quickly determine the right shipping solutions for the best customer experience at the lowest cost.  Customer service teams spent too much time entering order data into multiple websites and shipping software tools, making the freight quoting process slow and inaccurate.  Warehouse and third party fulfillment partners were choosing the easiest way to ship, since they had no efficient tool to identify the best carriers and services.

More Choice, Automation, & Better Service

Thos. Baker selected Pacejet because of its multi-carrier features, native integration with their NetSuite ERP, and cloud technology.  Pacejet connectivity with carriers enables customer service reps to quickly compare carriers, services, costs, and delivery times without re-entering any data.  Quoting for sales orders and purchase orders enables improved carrier and service selection for all types of shipments.

Effective Results

A key benefit realized by Thos. Baker from using Pacejet is reduced costs through a more data-driven approach. For example, better visibility of warehouse orders that could be shipped via parcel instead of more expensive LTL services. This knowledge helped Thos. Baker staff increase parcel shipments from 12.5% of orders to 36.7% in one year, resulting in significant savings.

Pacejet also helps the Thos. Baker team operate more efficiently and make more confident shipping choices. Now Pacejet is another part of what makes Thos. Baker so special to their customers.

thos baker logo Shipping Software Solution


Retail and E-Commerce


Oracle NetSuite


  • Hard to determine what shipping services could be used for an order
  • Need to direct third party shipping
  • Slow quoting via carrier websites
  • Wasted time quoting via software
  • How to add new carriers for improved service without adding new software


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for Oracle NetSuite


  • Increased use of less expensive parcel instead of LTL, from 12.5% to 36.7%
  • Faster quoting with ERP integration and real-time carrier connectivity
  • Easier to add new carriers for expanded warehouse services

Pacejet gives our team the confidence to pick the right method of shipping to save money and improve the customer experience.

Alan BlackfordCOO at Thos. Baker

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