Pacejet Transportation Planning

Consolidate sales orders into fewer
shipments using the most efficient and cost-effective combination of transportation modes and carriers.

Minimize the number of shipments you send with shipping automation that consolidates orders based on commonalities like destination address, customer name, shipping urgency, and more. Increase savings by sending fewer parcel and LTL shipments and save time by reducing the need for your team to manually consolidate orders.

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Take the pain out of planning your shipment consolidations.

Pacejet Transportation Planning simplifies the way you execute your shipments based on your inbound orders. Stop using complicated processes to determine if there are any opportunities to combine shipments. Now with the click of a button, Pacejet analyzes your orders, identifies consolidation opportunities, and receives carrier rating, so you see how much you save.

Learn how to save time and money with Pacejet Transportation Planning.

Save time and money with better planning processes

  • Reduce costs 10-30%* by consolidating multiple sales orders into fewer shipments.
  • Lower carrier rates 10-20%* by selecting lower-cost modes to receive additional savings.
  • Simplify packing by decreasing the number of separate packages you need to use with consolidated shipments.
  • Operate directly within your NetSuite ERP and let Pacejet Transportation Planning calculate everything behind the scenes.

Planning Your Way to Savings

Use Pacejet Transportation Planning to consolidate orders into fewer shipments to reduce the amount of time and money you spend on single order shipments. Add Pacejet Transportation Planning to NetSuite and start saving today.

*Dependent on carrier contracts, selected LTL carriers, weights, distances, previous costs, and processes.