The company known for efficient queuing solutions grows even more efficient with Pacejet

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For over 35 years, Lavi Industries has been enhancing “waiting in line” by providing innovative customer flow products, facilitating seamless, business-boosting queue experiences in a myriad of public locations.

The California-based company strives to ship its products quickly and efficiently, and by switching to Pacejet’s cloud-based shipping software solution, it is now seeing significant time and cost savings.

Prior shipping strategy couldn’t keep up

Lavi Industries was working with a third-party logistics company for its shipping needs, and the costs of reconciling freight bills among carriers were stacking up. Chief Operating Officer Yariv Blumkine explained, “We wanted a solution to ping multiple carriers for rates rather than having to go to each of their websites.” Lavi aimed to bring rating and negotiations in-house to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Finding a fit for specific requirements

Lavi also sought out a solution to more challenges, such as allowing for shipping pre-payment, auto-packing, and running freight quotes manually if needed. The company also foresaw a need for software customizations to further fit its precise conditions. These requirements narrowed the field of enterprise shipping software candidates to just one: Pacejet.

All-In-One Solution

Pacejet was a perfect fit for Lavi, offering rapid, accurate shipping quotes and eliminating the need for a third-party logistics company. Lavi opted to switch from its on-premise enterprise resource planning platform to a cloud-based solution – Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) – into which Pacejet integrates without the need for API development thanks to an interface designed by Pacejet’s partner Single Source Systems, Inc.

Launching the new solution

With many complex moving pieces, the implementation process was not without its challenges, but Lavi appreciated the dedication from Pacejet.

“The team was very accommodating and worked hard to solve pain points,” said Blumkine. On August 1, 2018, Lavi was able to part ways with its expensive third-party logistics company, instead choosing specific carriers to work with via Pacejet.

Pacejet enables rate shopping through multiple freight carriers for Lavi Industries

Moving shipping in-house would not have been possible without Pacejet’s universal platform to negotiate with every freight carrier. The switch significantly streamlined Lavi’s processes, saving time as well as tens of thousands of dollars annually. Based on Pacejet being able to accommodate Lavi’s needs, Blumkine anticipates even more benefits in both the immediate future and the long term.

The future of the partnership with Pacejet

One of the reasons Lavi chose to partner with Pacejet was due to its reputation for innovation. The company is forging ahead with a Pacejet beta program for auditing its carrier invoices against shipments to more closely examine payments. Lavi is enthusiastic about collaborating with Pacejet on this freight audit functionality as well as adding even more capabilities in the future.




Infor CloudSuite Industrial


  • Spending too much on shipping due to pulling rate quotes from multiple carrier websites
  • Storing shipping information in multiple places
  • Too many systems and no consolidation
  • High freight cost and spend


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping


  • Increased carrier options
  • Automated freight quotes saving time and ensuring the best prices
  • Reduced freight costs due to increased visibility
  • Integrated seamlessly with Infor CloudSuite Industrial
  • Avoided the need for costly API development
  • Gained efficiency by bringing shipping in-house

Pacejet saved us the need to develop an API for every carrier and saved us tens of thousands of dollars in logistics costs.

Yariv BlumkineChief Operating Officer at Lavi Industries

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