CMP Corporation saves an average of 6 hours of labor daily with Pacejet

CMP Corporation is a second generation, family-owned business that specializes in the production and shipment of HVAC parts internationally. Sold through its e-commerce website and call-in orders, CMP Corporation prides itself on the caliber and quality of product they sell as well as fast shipping.

As the leader in HVAC inventory across the globe, CMP Corporation was on the hunt for a solution to their manual shipment entry process. Shipping to about 3,000 clients in over 95 countries with an average of 6 LTL shipments and 30 parcel daily from one location, they wanted a solution that would help streamline visibility, manage each shipment’s price and store the data all in one convenient location.

Shipping spend and quality

They pride themselves on fast, efficient shipping as part of their business’ mission which is to “execute excellence.” CMP Corporate has negotiated carriers rates to offer 72-hour shipments which gives them a huge competitive advantage in the HVAC market internationally.

By utilizing Pacejet enterprise shipping software, CMP Corporation was able to execute excellence in their shipping policy and turn around times. Making sure that their shipments get out the door on time, with no errors and at a low cost, every time.

Finding the right price for the right amount of man-hours

One of the biggest things that Pacejet has done for CMP Corporation has been reducing labor costs. In the first month of use with Pacejet through their ERP, they were able to see huge time savings on the shipping line. Pacejet continue to save them about 6 hours a day on average in manual order entry, which is a huge cost saving that impacts CMP’s bottom line.

One System, Lower Costs, and Efficient Shipping

CMP Corporation chose Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite because it is a Built for NetSuite solution, it supports multiple carriers in one solution, it includes built-in rate-shopping to reduce costs, and it offers increased automation for error-free fulfillment.

The Pacejet solution allows customers like CMP Corporation to remove the hand-written, manual shipping process and move into a cloud-based service, which helps eliminate room for error, consolidates information, and gives visibility into each shipment. With a faster shipping workflow, users can handle more orders than ever before with fewer errors. And, with an integrated shipping history and reports, the CMP Corporation team continues to monitor improving results to build a data-driven shipping strategy.

CMP Coporation case study with Pacejet






  • Using manual process for shipping fulfillment
  • High labor costs due to data entry, processing and creating paperwork
  • Had a hard time getting all the shipments out the door by COB
  • Multiple people in the path of shipment leaving them vulnerable to error
  • Entering parcel shipments separately through Fedex portal
  • Quoting shipping costs manually


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping


  • Reduced labor time down 6 hours on average per day with Pacejet
  • Reduced manual data entry time and related errors with ERP integration
  • Able to negotiate their carrier rates after 1 month of Pacejet use
  • Made rate-shopping and quoting visible at a sales level
  • Allowed multiple people visibility into the shipment
  • Automated printing of shipping labels and paperwork for all carriers

We looked at the overall amount of time that Pacejet has saved us on the shipping line and we’re saving about 6 hours of labor time daily. This is where our biggest savings comes in with Pacejet.

Darren CroyVice President at CMP Corporation

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