Microsoft Dynamics 365 Shipping Software

The most complete enterprise shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Add Pacejet Enterprise Shipping Solutions to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and manage all of your shipping processes in the cloud.

Even better, Pacejet natively integrates with your ERP, so it works seamlessly within the systems you already have.

Pacejet Microsoft Shipping Integration

Find the best carrier for every shipment

Harnessing real-time carrier connections, the Pacejet platform includes hundreds of carriers, including parcel, freight, LTL, and 3PL shippers.

You can view all available carriers on one screen and shop by rates, transit times, and delivery dates. That makes it easy to find the best shipping option for every shipment. Get the right shipment, to the right place, with less hassle, and a lower cost than ever before using Pacejet’s rate shopping.

Make your shipping and fulfillment processes more efficient and precise

Pacejet adds a number of shipping tools to Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP that can help you manage every part of the shipping process from one workbench.

What does Pacejet’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Software do for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The world of Microsoft is changing, and Pacejet is ready to tackle Microsoft ERP users shipping challenges. Pacejet adds a complete multi-carrier shipping solution designed for mid-sized companies. Once you’ve installed our system, you can complete every part of the shipping and fulfillment process without leaving your ERP system.

ROI of Pacejet

We save our customers an average of 20 to 30 percent on shipping costs and 40 to 50 percent on labor costs. Imagine what that could do for your bottom line. It’s time to grow beyond yesterday’s parcel-only shipping solutions and evolve your strategy through innovation, optimization, and real-time connections.

Using our tools with your ERP integration will allow you to:

  • Instantly process shipments in batches
  • Consolidate multiple shipments into one
  • Use wedge scanners to quickly scan and ship
  • Automatically generate all labels and paperwork
  • Save searches into tabs to quickly find shipments

Pacejet automatically generates shipment savings reports to help you:

  • Track shipping costs
  • Analyze improvements of quoting with rate shopping
  • See why and when users might be choosing expensive overrides
  • Uncover new opportunities to cut shipping costs

Find out what we can do for you.