SignWarehouse® cuts shipping costs by 40% with rate shopping & real-time shipping

SignWareHouse Printer Customer Success Story

Since 1982, SignWarehouse® has been the leading supplier of professional sign making equipment and supplies throughout the United States. The company represents manufacturers of the highest-quality printing equipment and offers them to customers for an unbeatable price. Through solid business practices, knowledgeable staff, and partnering with some of the most innovative companies in the sign supply industry, SignWarehouse® has become one of the largest wide-format digital printing equipment distributors in the country.

Familiar Shipping Challenges

Frustrated with its cumbersome shipping process that was too time-consuming to handle its high-volume orders and number of boxes shipped per day, SignWarehouse® needed a shipping solution that helped streamline this process and integrated with its NetSuite ERP. It also needed a way to compile freight quotes of multiple carriers in one interface quickly and automatically so its sales team could offer the lowest shipping rates to customers at the time of shipping order entry.

All-In-One Solution

SignWarehouse® deployed the Pacejet enterprise shipping platform which seamlessly integrated with its NetSuite ERP. It connected them directly with a network of carriers via the cloud, providing a complete set of Parcel and LTL shipping services and carriers while automating their entire shipping process. SignWarehouse® could then generate real-time rate freight quotes and give customers the option to choose the most cost-effective carrier for their shipment at the time of shipping order entry, a unique feature of Pacejet.

Effective Results

Because of Pacejet’s rate shopping with major carriers, SignWarehouse® was able to cut overall shipping costs by 40%. Pacejet’s shipping automation and single interface saved the shipping team a significant amount of time—enough for SignWarehouse® to maintain its same-day shipping policy, even during its highest volumes and peak shipping periods. The company also helped its customers save money on shipping by identifying which carrier had the lowest freight costs through Pacejet’s carrier network.

SignwWrehouse logo customer




Oracle NetSuite


  • High-volume of orders & boxes to ship on daily
  • Spending too much on freight
  • Needed ability to freight quote quickly
  • Needed integration with ERP


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping


  • Lowered shipping costs by 40%
  • Support same-day shipping
  • More carrier options
  • Streamlined shipping process
  • Better customer experience
  • Seamless integration with NetSuite ERP
  • Reduced manual errors

Pacejet has all the shipping features we need while giving our customers the most cost-effective shipping options.

Chris GrippPresident of SignsWarehouse®, Inc.

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