William Roam saves an average of 2 hours a day using Pacejet Shipping Software


Since 2013, William Roam has been proudly serving hoteliers, retail collections, and more recently, consumers, with high quality, American-made amenities, and beauty products. Each William Roam product is carefully crafted and refined with green manufacturing practices, from their ingredient sourcing down to their packaging materials and processes. With a focus on sustainability and giving back to their communities, William Roam strives to make the right choices for the environment and their customers.

Finding a Simpler Shipping Solution

After William Roam chose to implement NetSuite as their ERP solution, they began the search to find a trusted NetSuite partner to improve their former shipping process that consisted of a paper-based approach with spreadsheets that lacked reporting capabilities. They only had one preferred carrier option to keep it simple, and were ladened with manual labor and data entry. At the time, a majority of their orders were being placed either by phone or email which required time-consuming manual data entry and increased the risk for order inaccuracies as well as costly errors.

Their previous process for managing LTL shipments required one employee to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours each day, to managing nothing but LTL shipments. This time extensive process required that they weigh, measure, enter in all the shipment information, and print their bill of lading, all manually before calling to notify their carrier that the pallet was ready for pickup.

Expanded Carriers, Reduced Cost, & Better Service

In order to provide their customers with a more seamless and accurate ordering process, William Roam needed a solution that would help increase the number of online orders and provide rate shopping options, including LTL carrier options, at the e-commerce level. Pacejet’s freight quotes integration for SuiteCommerce was able to do just that, and provide their customers with choice and control to select their preferred carrier option along with visibility into delivery times. With Pacejet’s broad network of real-time carrier connections, William Roam was able to expand their carrier network, going from one carrier to 5, to reduce shipping costs and better serve their customer carrier preferences.

Pacejet’s ability to store and automate shipment data, including weights and dimensions, auto-generate and print each bill of lading, and automatically notify the carrier that the pallet is ready with a simple click of a button has streamlined and automated their LTL shipment process.

Effective Results

William Roam was able to meet their need for seamless automation by leveraging Pacejet’s natively integrated NetSuite and SuiteCommerce solutions. With Pacejet’s Fully Connected Shipping, they now save an average of 2 hours daily on managing LTL shipments and have improved their ability to ship out same-day orders to customers that have submitted them late in the day.

In expanding their carrier network with Pacejet, William Roam was able to identify a new preferred LTL carrier, which now saves them, an average of $20-$30 per LTL shipment. Pacejet’s freight quotes for SuiteCommerce integration has been a key factor in scaling their wholesale operations. They were able to increase their e-commerce orders by 15% since the last fiscal year. Pacejet helped them reduce the number of manual phone and email orders, which has significantly improved order accuracy and overall customer experience. Overall, Pacejet has helped William Roam identify operational gaps, create efficiencies, save time and money, and provide a more seamless customer experience.



Personal Care, Retail, and E-Commerce


Oracle NetSuite


  • Paper-based approach with spreadsheets and a lack of reporting capabilities
  • Only used one carrier due to labor and time constraints
  • Manual data entry increased the risk of order inaccuracies and errors
  • Zero automation required all orders to be weighed, measured, and confirmed for pickup manually


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for Oracle NetSuite


  • Saved an average of 2 hours a day managing LTL shipments
  • Reduced average costs by $20-$30 per LTL shipment
  • Experienced a 15% growth in e-commerce business since last fiscal year

Pacejet took away the time, mistakes, and the process of managing the requests for LTL pickup, and now our team can click a button to say it is ready and move onto the next thing. Everyone can lower rates or shop rates but the headache of having to manage the LTL shipments—Pacejet takes that pain away.

PJ GrecoPresident at William Roam

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