Data-Driven Shipping Analytics

Apply the science of shipping to your business and uncover business opportunities hidden in your data with Pacejet ShipOpticsTM.

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Uncover opportunities in your data to help drive better business decisions when selecting a carrier, help inform your team of any issues that occurred, help you easily compare your spend to your budget, and help you gain valuable insight to negotiate carrier relationships.

Stay on Top of the Big Picture with Shipping Analytics

Busy shipping teams are constantly in motion, making it difficult to find the time to run reports or work with complicated business intelligence software. Pacejet ShipOpticsTM shipping software helps by delivering the key performance indicators and activity metrics your team needs to know, every day, every week, every month. Why spend time hunting down the shipping metrics you need, when ShipOpticsTM can push scorecards automatically to your inbox?

Some of the key performance indicators available from Pacejet ShipOpticsTM shipping software include:

  • Shipment and package counts by day, week, and carrier
  • Number of active carriers and percent of freight and parcel
  • Number of expedited shipments and top services used
  • Most used parcel and freight shipping carriers
  • Number of shipments impacted by dimensional weight

Dig Deep into Carrier Rates and Shipment Spending

Carrier contracts are so complex and invoices so numerous that it can be difficult for shippers to see the true cost of shipping and find opportunities to save. Pacejet ShipOpticsTM helps by digging through mountains of shipping data, sorting and summarizing, comparing and analyzing to deliver metrics you can use to drive down costs while improving service.

Some of the key financial shipping analytics available from Pacejet ShipOpticsTM include:

  • Actual monthly savings realized by rate shopping
  • Potential monthly savings from shipments not rate-shopped
  • Cost of expedited shipments and costs of rate-shop overrides
  • Carrier market share percentage for your total shipping spend
  • Carrier win and loss rate versus other carriers use ship with

Why choose Pacejet?

Integrating with your ERP and connecting with your LTL, 3PL and parcel carriers, Pacejet exists to help you build a comprehensive carrier strategy to power your business. While many companies avoid working with multiple carriers due to the complexities, Pacejet shipping software allows you to replace multiple applications and websites with one, complete, cloud-based shipping logistics software platform.

Customers have achieved ROI in as little as one to two months because Pacejet provides the data and shipping metrics needed to make strategic business decisions, which means lower shipping costs of up to 30% and lower labor costs of up to 80%.

We developed Pacejet ShipOpticsTM to help companies use the science of shipping, made up of many discreet data points, to make informed decisions that drive even better business results. If you have ever wondered whether you could make operations leaner, smarter, or more precise: contact us today.

Get more out of shipping data with Pacejet ShipOpticsTM