3Gtms: Powering Transportation Innovation

Pacejet is a division of 3Gtms, LLC (3Gtms)

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Who is 3Gtms, LLC?

3Gtms is a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software (TMS).

3Gtms, with high customer satisfaction and retention rates that are unmatched in the TMS system industry, has a reputation for being a trusted partner.

What do they do?

3Gtms provides top-tier multi-modal transportation and logistics software including; enterprise-class order management, planning, optimization, routing, rating, tendering, booking, tracking, and settlement. See what makes 3Gtms unique.

The company services people that know failure is not an option, including:

Whether you move $5 million or $5 billion in freight, 3Gtms’ transportation management system will seamlessly manage your full transportation lifecycle, including transportation planning and optimization, execution and settlement, and empowering your customers to make better shipping decisions while meeting their service goals.

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What does 3Gtms mean for Pacejet customers?

Pacejet’s and 3Gtms’ combined expertise and teams will complement each other as we work on maintaining the top tier placement for transportation and logistics management software in the market.

We are part of a larger family of experts and our talented team will execute and grow under the 3Gtms banner.

Our software offerings will provide leading parcel, LTL, TL, and intermodal management capabilities to serve the mid-market as well as the enterprise market to grow as shipping requirements continue to add in complexity.

Fully Connected Shipping. Now That’s Smart.