Peace Coffee nearly triples year-over-year web fulfillments and adds workstations with Pacejet. 

With a mission focused on being “In It For Good,” Peace Coffee is committed to providing great-tasting, socially-conscious coffee throughout the United States. The company was founded in 1996 to help American farmers during the 1980s farm crisis. Since then, the Minneapolis based company has purchased more than five million pounds of green coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives in 12+ countries and puts three cents per pound into climate and carbon initiatives.

Using Unsustainable Technology

As Peace Coffee grew their operation, they realized the need to move to a cloud-based ERP. After trying to ship and use their existing WMS within NetSuite, Peace Coffee recognized the need to implement a new WMS and find a shipping solution with a native NetSuite integration. Before switching to NetSuite, Peace Coffee had decentralized technology and an imperfect integration between their ERP, WMS, and shipping process. Peace Coffee experienced many delays with this setup, and their team wasted time calling helplines for resolutions. The company wanted a solution that offered flexibility and scalability while also being cost-effective. They also required an ERP that could handle lot tracing for food manufacturing safety and recall needs on a proven platform.

Delivering a Signature Blend 

After spending three months trying to use their existing WMS and shipping processes with NetSuite, it became apparent that Peace Coffee would need a new WMS and a better shipping solution. Peace Coffee selected RF-SMART as their WMS and learned about Pacejet’s capabilities at SuiteWorld. In addition to advanced shipping automation, Peace Coffee chose Pacejet because of its integrations with both NetSuite and RF-SMART. Peace Coffee also needed a shipping technology that allowed them to use one of their preferred regional carriers, SPEE-DEE, which Pacejet already had within the carrier network.

Shipping More Than Just a Commodity

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in 2020, Peace Coffee knew there would be an uptick in web sales. In fact, their December web fulfillments nearly tripled compared to the previous year. Thankfully, they had Pacejet in place, so they had no problems keeping up with the increased volume and eventually added two more workstations with ease as holiday orders ramped up. Peace Coffee also experienced increased flexibility and scalability as they pivoted with the changing COVID situation to add different shipping components. In addition, Peace Coffee built awareness around specific carrier metrics, such as delivery delays, for a better understanding of their shipping ecosystem. This helped them create a strategic shipping plan for the holiday season and evaluate packaging and handling needs. Now, thanks to Pacejet, RF-SMART, and NetSuite, Peace Coffee has a sustainable shipping solution that fits their mindset and approach to great coffee.


Food and Beverage and E-Commerce


Oracle NetSuite


  • Decentralized technology did not integrate with ERP or WMS
  • Technology stack couldn’t scale or perform lot tracing
  • Wanted a shipping solution that integrated with preferred regional carriers


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for Oracle NetSuite


  • Tripled year-over-year web fulfillments
  • Added 2 workstations for the holidays
  • Improved visibility and data for decision-making

If you’re a small business considering Pacejet, but think it might be overkill because you’re too small, go for it anyway! If you’re at the point where you’re considering Pacejet, you probably need it. We wish we would have implemented sooner!

Silvester GuadianaWarehouse Supervisor at Peace Coffee

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