Rhomar Industries improves freight quoting & shipping with multiple carriers

Rhomar Industries Snow Plow Road Maintenance

Rhomar Industries is dedicated to innovation of environmentally responsible products that offer unique maintenance solutions to the public works, transportation, healthcare, and education markets.

Rhomar’s primary focus is creative solutions for common problems that plague operations and maintenance departments.

Challenge of finding the best freight costs

Rhomar needed a way to reduce the multiple, time-consuming, manual steps in finding the best freight costs across multiple carriers. The team spent too much time entering shipping data into multiple carrier websites and software tools, making the freight quoting process slow and labor intensive.

Errors from manually quoting freight were sending shipping costs through the roof. Rhomar also needed a solution to manage all information required for shipping hazardous materials.

More Accurate Rates, Automated NetSuite Integration

Rhomar selected Pacejet because of its multi-carrier support, freight quoting, rate shopping, and cloud technology that integrates with their Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP.  Pacejet connects Rhomar to a carrier network that enables the team to compare carriers, services, costs, and delivery times without re-entering any data.  Pacejet also provides integrated shipping paperwork to save time and extra work.

Effective Results

Rhomar can now more easily and quickly quote shipping costs, rate shop, and ship with multiple carriers via Pacejet.  Reduced overall shipping costs and elimination of errors are a key benefit of the new solution.  Pacejet integration with NetSuite also automates the shipping process while recording shipping data such as tracking numbers, cost, and price in NetSuite fulfillment records.

*Picture courtesty of Flickr and the Oregon Department of Transportation

Rhomar Industries Customer Story with Pacejet


Public works, transportation, healthcare, and education


Oracle NetSuite


  • Spending too much time on manual processes
  • Lack of visibility to freight costs across multiple carriers
  • Unforeseen penalties & shipping charges due to errors from manual entry
  • Struggling to manage complex information & documentation for hazardous materials


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for Oracle NetSuite


  • Faster quoting with rate shopping across all carriers at once
  • Eliminates data entry with ERP integration and connected carriers
  • Centralize and manage all shipping data in one place
  • Faster freight quoting with direct connection to carrier via NetSuite
  • Easier to add or change carriers as Rhomar customers request new services

Pacejet helped improve our freight-quoting with an easier way to rate and ship across multiple carriers in one solution.

Gary SlyterMarketing Manager at Rhomar Industries

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