Seamlessly scan, pack, print, and ship with Pacejet Scan Pack

Our ERP shipping software features easy barcode scanning and packing automation that improves shipping efficiency and speeds up fulfillment. Eliminate keyboard entry and mouse navigation to improve overall shipping accuracy and workflow with Pacejet’s Scan Pack module.



Pacejet Scan Pack leverages popular Bluetooth and USB barcode scanners to help improve order shipping accuracy while accelerating your scan and ship workflow. Users quickly scan items to boxes or pallets, improving shipment accuracy with a process that eliminates keyboard entry and mouse navigation.



Faster fulfillment and less manual labor

Have the security in automation to know your shipments are packed correctly and off to the shipping dock with fewer human errors. With features like Audible Feedback, your team will be able to spot errors as they happen and quickly correct them before moving the shipment forward into your shipping workflow. Easily activate Scan Pack in your Pacejet location and leverage Drag and Drop Pack and Auto Pack methods across diverse transactions.






Ensure you are delivering the right product, in the correct amount, to the right address, every time with Scan Pack as a part of your Pacejet shipping efficiency solution.

With Scan Pack ERP shipping software, you'll be able to:

  • Scan items into boxes or pallets to verify the contents of shipments
  • Scan container identifiers to capture dimensions, type, and weight
  • Scan multiple quantity groups with multiple scan codes per product
  • Audible confirmations and errors keep users on track
  • Visible confirmations and errors with red = stop and green = go indicators
  • Scan and enter quantity provides flexibility for large quantity shipments
  • Mix scan pack and drag-and-drop pack for more flexible workflows
  • Pack, rate, ship without keyboard/mouse through scanning shortcuts
  • Block shipments for incorrect item scans or if full order is not scanned

Adding Pacejet Scan Pack into your integration eliminates room for errors in your pick, pack, and ship process with one easy to use interface.

We can simplify your workday and save you money by incorporating Scan Pack into your Pacejet solution.

Find out how much time your team can save.

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