Let us transform the way you think about shipping

Pacejet, a division of 3Gtms, exists to help businesses like yours grow by making shipping a competitive advantage.


Find out how

Make shipping the key to your success

Shipping is a study of the space between you and your customers.

It’s the last stop in the fulfillment chain—and your customer’s first physical experience with you and your brand.

Our goal is to help you use that space between more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably than ever before—so you can succeed on ever increasing levels, growing your business through better shipping.

What is Pacejet?

We are an innovative, cloud-based global shipping software company that helps businesses transform shipping from a business necessity into a strategic advantage.

With our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, offices across the United States, and are partnership with 3Gtms, we have a knowledgeable and dedicated team who understand supply chain and logistics, and often come from specific industry verticals like retail or consumer technology.

Regardless of who you work with at Pacejet, our team members are smart, curious, and passionate. We put our skills to work every day, united around mutual respect for each other and our desire to pour our energies into making customers more successful.


Our global shipping software integrates seamlessly with the systems you already have to help you:

  • Save money by making it easy to find the best price for every shipment
  • Increase efficiency by automating complex shipping processes
  • Grow your business by optimizing customer experience through better shipping

Why Pacejet?

Lots of people choose software for unexciting reasons, but we believe shipping software is something you shouldn’t take lightly.

Why? It’s often a top cost center, it can be the first physical experience a customer has with your brand, and it has the power to help you take on the competition.

That’s why we are passionate about shipping and the difference it can make in your bottom line. With Pacejet, you’ll have a best-in-class cloud-based shipping solution working for you 24/7.

With our shipping software company, you’ll also have access to the consultative support you need to thrive in the 21st century shipping economy. What does that mean?

Our implementation team makes sure your global shipping software platform is up and running and then our customer success managers work with you to add new carriers, modules, and features as your operations strategy changes over time.

Turn your shipping dock into a launching pad for profitability.