Ensure your packages are delivered to the correct location every time with Pacejet's Address Validation Services

Now you can rely on correct addresses and leverage extended geographic data for better service and fewer errors. Connect robust electronic address validation software to Pacejet shipping solutions or any other software application, improving every process that needs accurate address information.


Your company has likely experienced packages arriving at an incorrect address in the past and we know how costly these kinds of errors can be for your business. We want to help you prevent errors moving forward, which will help you save money and time on your shipping line. Use our shipping address verification services to ensure that all your deliveries arrive at the correct location, every time.





Using the science of shipping, Pacejet's address validation services provide you four different options to verify destinations.

As a part of your Pacejet integration, Address Validation exists to save your business time on the shipping line by alleviating the option for re-shipment due to an incorrect address. Using Pacejet’s Address Validation module, you'll know if your packages or pallets are going to a commercial address instead of a residential address. With Pacejet’s shipping address verification technology, you can confirm in real-time that your shipments will arrive at the correct location, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Make sure your shipments find the right destination

  • Leverage four distinct address validation services including FedEx, UPS, USPS, Pacejet through one flexible API.
  • FedEx and Pacejet services allow validation with shipments for any carrier; UPS and USPS can only be used with their shipments.
  • Use address type values that are returned for supported services and countries to include residential surcharges in applications.
  • Use county, time zone, area code, longitude, latitude, and other extended data from FedEx and Pacejet services to automate tax calculations and other business processes.


Shipping internationally just got a bit easier

With international address validation options covering 47 countries, Pacejet’s Address Validation is the solution you’ve been looking for to alleviate concerns with using international carriers. Using FedEx, UPS, USPS, Pacejet’s integration (or the Pacejet API) provides support throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and so much more. To get a full list of coverage areas, reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Have the peace of mind that your packages will be priced correctly and make it to their destination without delays.




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