Pacejet Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods Shipping via UPS WorldShip

Ship hazardous materials and dangerous goods easier and more efficiently

Get process automation with a familiar user experience by using Pacejet’s integration with UPS WorldShip to complete traditionally difficult and complex shipments. Smart Pacejet rules detect specific shipping needs to trigger automatic data transmission to and from UPS WorldShip, while managing the complete order shipping lifecycle within standard ERP, WMS, and other system integrations.

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Pacejet’s integration with UPS WorldShip adds flexibility to combine carrier-specific support for complex hazardous materials and dangerous goods shipping with Pacejet’s full pack and shipping automation and ERP integration.

Use Pacejet for full pack and ship automation with UPS WorldShip for access to more UPS services.

Experience the full process automation that Pacejet provides with packing and shipping with further augmentation from UPS WorldShip. This provides direct processing of special services like hazardous materials and dangerous goods within the UPS WorldShip platform before they are available via APIs.

Get easier shipping for hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Get the Most Out of UPS:

  • Reduce compliance risk with processing that’s closely aligned with UPS procedures.
  • Reduce staff training by leveraging UPS tools, training, and support for complex hazardous materials and dangerous goods shipping.
  • 4x faster processing speed with data integration for basic shipping details including addresses and packages.
  • 99% reduction in errors by avoiding duplicate data entry in shipments and capturing tracking numbers and cost.
  • Receive early access to UPS services which often are released first in UPS WorldShip before APIs.
  • Easier, one platform support with integration and features supported as part of your complete Pacejet platform

Hazardous shipping just got easier.

Leverage Pacejet and UPS WorldShip to experience full process shipping automation for
hazardous goods and dangerous materials.