Protect your customers and your reputation with Pacejet Protection

With Pacejet’s Carrier Insurance, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your shipments and your reputation are both covered with our “All-Risk” insurance.

Pacejet Carrier Insurance

At Pacejet we are committed to innovating and evolving our shipping platform to provide additional modules for all your shipping needs. Pacejet Protection is an “All-Risk” shipping insurance program that provides shippers increased liability coverage without the exceptions that carriers apply to paying claims. Imagine lower prices with increased coverage, quick and easy claims, and integrated coverage selection that fits efficiently into your shipping process.

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Shipping Insurance to protect your customers and your reputation

With Pacejet Protection, here are a few business benefits:

  • Opt-in available: Solutions to cover all shipments or opt-in per shipment
  • Unified system: Fully integrated into the Pacejet platform for a streamlined process
  • Parcel & LTL coverage: All-in-one insurance plan with Pacejet Protection
  • Maximum liability: Up to $10K for Parcel and $50K for LTL available
  • 30 day claims process: The goal for processing your hassle-free claim is within 30 days or less

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