Tighten up the accuracy of your freight costs with Pacejet’s Freight Auditing

Match invoiced carrier costs to expected shipping costs to know you’re getting what you pay for. Use Pacejet technology and reporting to highlight areas for savings with your freight costs. Our Freight Auditing tools will cross-reference data to help you reconcile shipping costs vs. projected quotes. 

Pacejet Freight Auditing software helps you reduce shipping costs and eliminate carrier invoicing mistakes by matching the detail in carrier invoices to your actual shipping records. Our freight cost analysis software will cross-reference data to ensure your charges are valid, correct, and the honored from your rate shopping to your fulfillment.




We’ve created a module that easily sifts through thousands of carrier invoices to tighten payment accuracy and find savings opportunities.

Our process is simple. Import carrier invoices from standard carrier-provided file formats into Pacejet to create a central financial database for freight audit data and analytics. With configurable data maps, Pacejet allows imports of a variety of new or customer carrier invoices. Carrier specific freight audit reports match actual invoice costs with as-shipped expected invoice costs, including adjustments over multiple invoices.


Add Our Freight Cost Analysis Software to your Pacejet interface to:

  • Verify accuracy of career invoices by matching them with actual shipping data
  • Find and prevent mistakes that add to your costs
  • Avoid duplicate invoices
  • See your complete shipping costs
  • Confirm your refunds
  • Match invoice costs across periods to confirm credits
  • Focus on big variances




Our Freight Auditing software can assess your parcel shipment data, empowering your business to apply for shipping refunds and confirming the accuracy of your freight carriers.




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