Make Plex an even better ERP for your manufacturing business with Pacejet

You use Plex to manage most of your business processes, but shipping hasn’t been one of them. Until now.

The Pacejet Enterprise Shipping platform integrates natively into your Plex ERP, giving you the shipping and fulfillment tools you need to manage the entire process from the cloud.

What does the Pacejet Enterprise Shipping platform do for Plex?

Pacejet adds a complete multi-carrier shipping solution designed for mid-sized manufacturing companies to your Plex ERP.

Our cloud-based shipping software works seamlessly within the Plex system. With Pacejet, you can manage every part of the shipping and fulfillment process from the dashboard of your ERP.

More carrier options means reduced shipping costs

With Pacejet for Plex software, you’ll get access to hundreds of parcel, freight, and 3PL carriers. You can rate shop and get quotes in real time, from one dashboard.

That makes it easy to find the best deal for your shipments, keeping costs low and efficiency high.

Automated paperwork and labeling results in fewer errors.

Pacejet’s cloud-based shipping software allows you to automatically generate all necessary paperwork and labels. That reduces the chance for human error—and speeds fulfillment.

Pacejet can generate:

  • Freight bill of lading with automatic pronum
  • Certified labels from parcel and freight carriers
  • Combined packing slips and labels
  • Commercial invoices and other export paperwork

More complete data means better customer service and easier tracking

With Pacejet incorporated into your ERP, all the data you need to track your shipments and analyze your costs is recorded and accessible through your dashboard.

That makes it easy to:

  • Track shipments
  • Let customers track their own shipments using branded email notifications
  • Analyze how much shipping is costing you
  • Identify opportunities for cost saving

Integrate Pacejet and get more out of your Plex ERP

We can simplify your workday and save you money. In fact, our customers save up to 30 percent on shipping and up to 50 percent on labor costs.

Find out how much you can save.

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