Boost Microsoft Dynamics AX shipping by leveraging Pacejet

Utilize Pacejet’s technology with your ERP for a complete suite of services that includes multi-carrier rate shopping, real-time quoting, data, and a more streamlined shipping strategy.

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Integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP with Pacejet and grow the capabilities for your business

Pacejet Microsoft Shipping Integration

Know you’ve selected the best carrier for every shipment, every time

Pacejet’s multi-carrier shipping solutions include hundreds of carriers, including parcel, freight, LTL, and 3PL shippers. Our portfolio of partners is constantly growing as your business needs change. With our Microsoft shipping tracking and shopping software, you can rate shop all your available carriers in one screen by rate, transit times, and delivery turnaround times. Pacejet makes it easy to select the right carrier for your business and customers with every shipment.

Streamline your shipping strategy

By adding Pacejet into your Microsoft AX ERP, you will have access to a number of shipping tools that will help your business manage your shipping and fulfillment processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

Pacejet combines multi-carrier shipping solutions with your Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP to alleviate multiple portals and multiple steps in your shipping process. Leverage Pacejet within your Microsoft AX to expand your ERP functionality. As your business grows, have confidence that your shipments are being processed correctly and making their way to their destinations the quickest way possible with less room for error.

With Pacejet installed, your Dynamics AX ERP can:

  • Give you visibility into your shipping processes and pricing
  • Help your business utilize comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to make better business decisions
  • Create a complete on-premise operations solution that improves the customer experience
  • Update and add shipment-specific charges to the ERP
  • Record shipping containers with container ID and their contents
  • Document tracking numbers and links to share with your customers or partners

We make it easy to see how the shipping options you choose affect your overall costs.