The Tool Nut saves 30% on shipping and reduces time from minutes to seconds

The Tool Nut Makita LS1019L dual-bevel miter saw

As a major distributor of well-known brands of tools such as DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Veto Pro Pac, The Tool Nut has become a nationally renowned contractor and woodworker supply outfit.

With a reputation for outstanding and unwavering customer support, breadth of tools, and next-level product knowledge, The Tool Nut has been family owned and operated since 1994 and boasts a 10,000 square foot warehouse.

Challenge of Adding Shipping Choices

One of the ways The Tool Nut maintains a loyal customer following is by offering free shipping when a minimum product purchase is made on their e-commerce site. Free shipping is valued by customers but puts pressure on fulfillment operations to manage costs.

The team questioned whether they were receiving the best rates when shipping with only one carrier. Using basic NetSuite with multiple carriers is challenging and there is no easy way to rate-shop carrier prices, so the team needed a better shipping software solution.

By using Pacejet, we can quickly work with multiple carriers in one solution to find the best shipping prices and reduce costs for our company and our customers. Running with one consistent pack, rate-shop, and ship process for all carriers also helps our team complete tasks in seconds that used to take minutes.

— David Murry, General Manager at The Tool Nut

More Options, Lower Costs, and Efficient Shipping

The Tool Nut chose Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite, as it is a Built for NetSuite solution, supports multiple carriers in one solution, includes built-in rate-shopping to reduce costs, and offers increased automation for faster fulfillment.

By implementing Pacejet, The Tool Nut was able to add full support for simultaneous shipping with UPS, FedEx, and USPS as an integrated NetSuite fulfillment process.

The Pacejet solution automatically rate-shops each shipment, recommends the lowest cost option, and gives users a fast and easy way to capture package details and process shipments. Fulfillment steps for packing, rate-shopping, shipping, automatic printing, and capture of tracking numbers into NetSuite are consistent and automated across all carriers with Pacejet.

Results Include Better Shipping for 30% Less

Pacejet automated rate-shopping that could make comparisons in real-time and helped The Tool Nut reduce shipping costs by 30-35%.

Variations in destinations, dimensions, weight, services, and other order characteristics meant one carrier may offer a lower rate for one shipment but another carrier would provide lower rates for the next shipment.

With a faster shipping workflow, users could handle more orders than before with fewer errors. And with an integrated shipping history and reports, The Tool Nut team could monitor improving results and build a data-driven strategy.


Retail and E-Commerce


Oracle NetSuite


  • E-commerce site offers free shipping with minimum product purchase
  • Using only one carrier to avoid the need for multiple shipping tools
  • No easy way to compare carrier rates to quickly choose lower cost options
  • Lost time entering data, processing shipments, creating paper work


Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for Oracle NetSuite


  • Reduced shipping costs 30% with automatic rate shopping across parcel choices
  • Reduced manual data entry time and related errors with NetSuite integration
  • Simpler shipping with multiple carriers using one, integrated fulfillment process
  • Automated printing of shipping labels and paperwork for all carriers
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