Pacejet helps you maximize your Infor SyteLine ERP investment

Your SyteLine ERP helps you get your products to market faster, for less money.

When you add Pacejet enterprise shipping software to Infor SyteLine, you gain the ability to get those products to your customers faster—for less money.

What does Pacejet add to your SyteLine ERP?

Pacejet adds complete parcel and freight shipping capabilities to your ERP. You can manage every part of the shipping process from within the SyteLine platform, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and helping your business grow faster.

Shop hundreds of carriers in real time

Once Pacejet is integrated into your ERP, you can shop every LTL, 3PL, parcel, and freight carrier in our network from your SyteLine dashboard.

That makes it easy to find the option with the best price, shortest transit time, and optimal delivery date.

You can reduce shipping costs by 20 to 30%—all while improving customer service.

Improve profitability by controlling shipping costs

No more inaccurate shipping quotes. No more pricing errors. With Pacejet, you can ensure your shipping costs are correct, even if your needs
change on the fly.

Improve order profitability with shipping prices aligned in real-time to shipping costs

Eliminate pricing errors with automatic dimensional weights, services, and other fees

Respond to changing needs with quoting in order entry or in shipping execution

Reduce labor costs with automated shipping

When you enhance your SyteLine ERP with Pacejet shipping capabilities, you can save 40 to 50 percent on your labor costs by automating the
shipping process.

With Pacejet installed your ERP can:

  • Quickly scan, pack, ship with fewer steps and more accuracy
  • Automate bill of lading, labels, and export forms
  • Speed-up fulfillment with batch shipping, consolidation, and auto-pack
  • Capture more accurate data electronically with electronic scale and scanner support

Improve customer service and billing accuracy

Pacejet integrates carrier data into your ERP’s fulfillment records to improve billing accuracy, provide shipment tracking, and support
online analysis of shipping costs.

Improve customer service with online tracking of shipments, containers, item contents

Enable customers to track their own shipments with automatic branded email notifications

Easily report on all parcel, freight, 3PL shipping with daily activity and cost analysis

Integrate Pacejet shipping software and fuel your growth

Reduce costs. Improve profitability. Save time.

It’s all possible when you integrate Pacejet into your Infor SyteLine ERP. Let us show you how.

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