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SAP Business ByDesign shipping solutions by Pacejet offer enhanced features for business shippers who need support for more carriers, more automation, and better tools to automate shipping processes, reduce costs, and improve service.  Pacejet is cloud-based, natively integrated with SAP Business ByDesign, and leverages a powerful carrier network to deliver the most complete, enterprise-class SAP shipping solution.

More Carriers in One Solution

Process SAP Business ByDesign shipments with more carriers and modes such as LTL, Parcel,  or 3PL to meet customer requests or reduce your shipping costs.

  • LTL / Less-Than-Load shipping
  • Parcel shipping
  • 3PL / Third-Party-Logistics shipping
  • Regional and  international parcel
  • Quote and rate-shop all on one screen
  • See prices, costs, services, transit-times

Integrated Shipping Controls

Installing Pacejet in SAP Business ByDesign adds enhanced shipping controls for outbound shipment processing.  Users have more control over how shipments are processed, how freight payment is handled, and the ability to use carrier services.

  • Carrier integration to ship without duplicate data entry
  • Use freight terms to control who pays for shipping
  • Override the ship-from address to blind ship
  • Add shipping-specific services charges
  • Records shipping containers with container id
  • Records item contents in each container
  • Records tracking numbers and links

Better Visibility and Automation

Pacejet increases the shipping data and visibility in SAP Business ByDesign.  LTL, Parcel, and 3PL shipment updates record tracking numbers, tracking links, price, cost, and more.

  • Records shipping cost and price
  • Records tracking numbers and links
  • Automatically release for billing
  • Attach labels and documents

New Shipping Tools

Pacejet provides SAP Business ByDesign shipping tools for high-efficiency fulfillment, helping users process more orders with more precision, fewer errors, and more automation.

  • Shipping workbench to manage all shipments
  • Instantly process shipments in batches
  • Consolidate multiple shipments into one
  • Use wedge scanners to quickly scan and ship
  • Save searches into tabs to quickly find shipments

Only SAP ByDesign Shipping Solutions by Pacejet

Only SAP Business ByDesign shipping solutions by Pacejet offer the most complete, multi-carrier, enterprise-class cloud solution to help SAP shippers reduce costs and improve service.

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