Make Sage an even better ERP for your medium-sized business with Pacejet

Your Sage ERP becomes even more powerful when you add the Pacejet Enterprise Shipping platform.

Our platform offers the most complete cloud-based enterprise shipping solution designed to integrate with all Sage ERPs. It operates seamlessly within the systems you’ve already established—adding shipping and fulfillment capabilities.

What does the Pacejet Enterprise Shipping platform do for Sage?

Pacejet integrates a complete multi-carrier shipping solution into your ERP. And like Sage, our platform is entirely cloud-based. That means upgrades happen automatically, and your shipping and fulfillment tools operate in real time.

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The right carrier is just a click away

Pacejet gives you the ability to see hundreds of parcel, freight, LTL, and 3PL carriers on one screen.

That makes it simple to find the right carrier for every shipment, whether you need to ship across your region or around the world.

You’ll get quotes in real time, so can choose your carrier based on whatever details are most important to you—cost, transit time, or
delivery date.

Manage the shipping and fulfillment process from your dashboard

No more hopping from system to system to get things done. When you integrate Pacejet with your Sage ERP, you can automate the whole process by scanning or using our drag and drop editing feature.

You can capture container types, automatically transmit packing data to carriers, track containers and much more without leaving your ERP.

Paperwork generated includes:

  • Freight bills of lading
  • Certified labels from parcel and freight carriers
  • Combined packing slips and labels
  • Commercial invoices and other export paperwork

Save big on shipping and labor

Pacejet customers generally save between 20 and 30 percent on shipping costs—and 40 to 50 percent on labor.

That makes a big impact on your bottom line and paves the way for faster growth for your company.

See what we can do for you.

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