Infor SyteLine Shipping Software for Freight and Parcel

Infor SyteLine Shipping by Pacejet

The Infor SyteLine shipping solution by Pacejet integrates hundreds of parcel, freight, and 3PL shipping services with your Infor SyteLine ERP to reduce shipping labor by 40-50% and shipping costs by 20-30%.

The Pacejet Difference for SyteLine

Manage parcel and freight shipping with lower costs, fewer errors, and faster fulfillment with integrated SyteLine shipping by Pacejet. More SyteLine users trust Pacejet to optimize their order fulfillment than any other solution.

Reduce Shipping Labor = Reduce shipping labor by 40%-50% with faster and easier multi-carrier parcel, freight, 3PL shipping in one solution
Reduce Shipping Costs = Reduce shipping costs by 20%-30% using more accurate freight quotes, rate shopping, and automated billing
Improve Fulfillment Accuracy = Deep integration with SyteLine order management eliminates time and errors of manual data entry
Increase Sales Revenue = Win new sales, grow exports, increase volume with existing customers by offering new types of shipping services
Improve Customer Service= Meet customer labeling, data, and service requirements using enhanced packing to collect and scan-verify shipping data

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More Carriers in One Solution

Pacejet integrates SyteLine to hundreds of parcel, freight, or 3PL services to offer better service to customers while using expanded options to reduce your shipping costs by 20-30%.

  • Certified support for UPS, FedEx, USPS without legacy desktop software
  • Support for freight via LTL (Less Than Load) or 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • Use regional parcel, international parcel, or mail consolidators
  • Quote, pack, ship with all services in one multi-carrier user interface

Infor SyteLine Freight Quotes and Shipping

Integrated Shipping, Quoting, Rate-Shopping

Enhance SyteLine with integrated shipping to streamline order fulfillment, integrated quoting to improve billing accuracy, and integrated rate-shopping to find lower cost shipping options.

  • Accurately quote shipping costs during order entry with prices, services, transit-times
  • Improve order profitability with shipping prices aligned in real-time to shipping costs
  • Eliminate pricing errors with automatic dimensional weights, services, and other fees
  • Respond to changing needs with quoting in order entry or in shipping execution


More Effective Shipping Automation

Use SyteLine shipping enhanced by the Pacejet multi-carrier platform to achieve higher levels of automation, reducing time and errors in all order fulfillment workflows.

  • Scale-up fulfillment to quickly scan, pack, ship with fewer steps and more accuracy
  • Automate bill of lading, labels, export forms with efficient packing and scan-verify
  • Speed-up fufillment with batch shipping, consolidation, auto rate-shop, auto-pack
  • Capture more accurate data electronically with electronic scale and scanner support

Infor SyteLine Extended Shipment Details

Manage Consistent Shipping Service

With SyteLine shipping by Pacejet, users have more control to easily respond to customer requests for services, billing, labeling and other needs for more consistent and reliable shipping service.

  • Standard freight terms and posting of shipping costs into SyteLine billing
  • Capture prices for automatic billing and costs for shipping margin reporting
  • Automatically use customer accounts with automatic third party billing
  • Easily use shipping services such as lift gate, notification, and hundreds more

Infor SyteLine Shipment Details

Better Visibility and Analysis

SyteLine shipping by Pacejet integrates more carrier data into SyteLine fulfillment records to improve billing accuracy, provide detail shipment tracking, and support online analysis of shipping costs.

  • Improve customer service with online tracking of shipments, containers, item contents
  • Enable customers to track their own shipments with automatic branded email notifications
  • Support customized labeling or EDI requirements with expanded shipping data
  • Easily report on all parcel, freight, 3PL shipping with daily activity and cost analysis

Only Infor SyteLine Shipping by Pacejet

Only Infor SyteLine shipping by Pacejet offers the most complete, multi-carrier, enterprise-class cloud solution to help shippers reduce costs and improve service.

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