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Acumatica Shipping By Pacejet

Acumatica Cloud ERP

The Acumatica shipping solution by Pacejet integrates hundreds of parcel, freight, and 3PL shipping services with your Acumatica cloud ERP to reduce costs, improve labor efficiency, and increase fulfillment speed. Freight quotes with rate shopping, improved shipment billing and service controls, automatic capture of tracking numbers, and freight terms with cost+price capture are just a few features that make Pacejet the most complete multi-carrier shipping software solution available for Acumatica.

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The Pacejet Difference for Acumatica

Only Pacejet combines parcel and freight shipping in a complete multi-carrier solution integrated natively with Acumatica. And only Pacejet is a true cloud-based system with easy provisioning, automatic upgrades, plug-in carrier integrations, Fusion WMS support, and more.

More Carriers = Hundreds of services for parcel, freight, 3PL
Innovative Carriers = Amazon, UPS iParcel, regionals, …
Native Integration = Real-time via RESTful API, no interfaces
Warehouse Option = Support for Fusion WMS module
Rate Shopping = Freight quotes with easy rate shopping
Better Packing = Scan or drag-and-drop items in containers
Cloud / SaaS = Modern, easy-to-use, no software to install
Better Analytics = Report shipments, savings, and more

Acumatica with Pacejet Freight Quotes and Rate Shopping

More Carriers in One Solution

Pacejet integrates your Acumatica ERP to carriers in real-time, giving you online access to hundreds of parcel, freight, or 3PL services to meet customer requests and reduce costs.

  • Freight, parcel, 3PL in one multi-carrier solution
  • Quote shipping costs using your negotiated rates
  • Rate-shop to find the lowest cost shipping service
  • View shipping transit times and delivery dates

Acumatica Packing Options with Pacejet

Better and More Efficient Packing

Extend Acumatica fulfillment with enhance packing options to record packages, items in packages, dimensions, and more with scanning or drag and drop editing that captures better data with higher accuracy and speed.

  • Capture container types, dimensions, and weights
  • Scan or enter items into containers with validation
  • Enhanced packing data transmits to carriers automatically
  • Track items in containers and provide contents paperwork

Acumatica Shipping Paperwork and Labels

Automatic Paperwork and Labels

Pacejet adds new and expanded paperwork and labels to your Acumatica shipping process, reducing errors and speeding fulfillment.

  • Freight bill of lading with automatic pronum
  • Certified labels from parcel and freight carriers
  • Innovations like combined packing slip and label
  • Commercial invoice and other export paperwork
  • Automatic printing and paperwork recorded in Acumatica

Acumatica Shipping Updates via Automatic Integration

Capture Carrier Data in Your ERP

Pacejet automatically captures shipping prices, shipping costs, tracking  numbers, tracking links, and other carrier data into your Acumatica ERP for easier tracking, customer notification, and reduce customer service calls.

  • Automat carrier shipping updates into Acumatica
  • Capture shipping price and cost using freight terms
  • Process updates on a scheduled or event-driven basis
  • Automatically capture tracking numbers and links
  • Attach shipping documents and labels in Acumatica

Acumatica Shipping Add-On by Pacejet

Native Acumatica ERP Integration

Pacejet support installs easily in your Acumatica configuration and uses native integration and extensions to provide enhanced multi-carrier shipping.

  • Standard add-on Acumatica installation
  • Complete shipping and freight quoting integration
  • Options include base Acumatica or Fusion WMS support
  • Includes enhanced packing and shipping fields

Acumatica Installation and Configuration of Pacejet

Easy Setup and Configuration

Easily configure the Acumatica multi-carrier shipping add-on to manage key Pacejet configuration settings and controls.

  • Link to Pacejet sandbox and production accounts
  • Enable Pacejet advanced packing features
  • Configure workstation for auto shipping feature
  • Test connectivity and view/trace via logging

Acumatica Fusion WMS with Pacejet Auto Shipping

Optional Warehouse with Shipping

Use Pacejet multi-carrier shipping with Fusion WMS Acumatica solution for even more advanced and automated fulfillment workflows.

  • Pack in Fusion WMS and auto ship thru Pacejet
  • Pack with scanning, rate-shop, process shipments

Complete Multi-Carrier Shipping for Acumatica

Only Pacejet offers complete multi-carrier shipping for Acumatica with native integration, real-time connectivity with hundreds of parcel, freight, 3PL shipping services, freight quotes with rate shopping, enhanced packing with scanning, expanded paperwork and labels, and more.


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