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Enterprise Shipping via the Cloud

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Pacejet provides one shipping software solution, one user interface, and one process for Parcel, LTL/Truck, 3PL.  Ship more efficiently, faster, and with fewer errors than by using multiple PC apps / websites.

Carrier Network

Pacejet connects your shipping process to a network of leading Parcel, LTL, 3PL carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, Pitt Ohio, Conway, Estes, YRC, Echo, and more (click for more detail).  Easily activate new carriers anytime!

Cloud Computing

Pacejet delivers a complete cloud shipping solution without the cost and complexity of software and hardware.  Deploy Pacejet rapidly and cost-efficiently at one or many sites with a simple pay-as-you-grow subscription.

ERP Integration

Pacejet integrates with leading ERP software from SAP, NetSuite, Plex, Infor, Fishbowl, Microsoft Dynamics, and more (click for more detail).  Easily deploy integrated rating and shipping for any Cloud or On-Premise software application.

Continuous Innovation

 Pacejet subscriptions include continuous updates with new features, workflows, integrations.  Leverage new carriers, new services, new paperwork forms, and more to continuously improve shipping performance.

Shipping Reports

Only Pacejet puts all your shipment reporting in one, easy-to-use solution.  Search, track, and report shipments for any carrier, customer, or order from anywhere at any time.  Easily report, analyze, and manage your entire shipping spend.

Reduced our shipping costs by 10-15%, eliminated costly errors, simplified our processing for domestic and international, and helped us ship faster

Start saving $3,000+ every month in shipping-related expenses with this improvement blueprint powered by Pacejet.  Whether you manage 50 or 5,000 shipments per day, the opportunities for reducing costs add up quickly !

Speed  = $800 Saved / Month

Save 30+ secs per shipment on 50-100 shipments per day and you'll save at least $800 during a typical 20 day shipping month.  Pacejet ERP integration, carrier connectivity, and rules-driven automation takes out steps and manual data entry to speed shipping.

Shop  = $500 Saved / Month

Find better-priced services and carriers for 20% of your shipments and save $500 per month on just $1,000/day in shipping spend.  Pacejet real-time visibility and shopping of carrier services, rates, and transit-times makes it possible to instantly find and use lower-cost services.

Bill  = $750 Saved / Month

Billing mistakes on 2% of your shipments with a volume of just 100 per day can mean more than 50 shipments a month that are not fully re-captured. Pacejet shipment cost capture, pricing, billing control, and reporting help you track and manage every dollar of your shipping expenses.

Notify  = $500 Saved / Month

Eliminate time spent on just 10 calls per day and numerous emails and you could save more than $500 per month. Pacejet branded email notifications make it easy for customers to self-track any shipment, avoiding wasted calls and providing better customer service.

Automate  = $400 Saved / Month

Automating redundant shipping tasks is almost like printing money --- saving hours every day or costs of $400 or more in a month . Pacejet automates common data entry, paperwork, labeling, and shipping business rules to eliminate wasted time and money while reducing errors.

Connect  = $300 Saved / Month

Correct common mistakes in handling carrier accessorial fees and even a smaller shipper can save $300 or more per month . Pacejet manages container dimensions, weight, class, residential, and other service settings to ensure you get correct, negotiated rates with accurate surcharges for every shipment.

No Software or Hardware to buy, install, or maintain. Just choose a subscription bundle for rapid deployment at all of your locations!

Basic Parcel Shipping

Parcel Bundle

  • UPS plus 1 Parcel Carrier
  • Includes ERP Integration
  • Includes Unlimited Users
  • Includes Unlimited Ship Stations
  • Includes 1,000 Quotes or Ships/Month
  • Bundle Price is Per Site
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Complete Multi-Carrier Shipping

Standard Bundle

  • UPS plus Any 3 Carriers
  • Includes ERP Integration
  • Includes Unlimited Users
  • Includes Unlimited Ship Stations
  • Includes 2,000 Quotes or Ships/Month
  • Bundle Price is Per Site
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Expanded Enterprise Shipping

Enterprise Bundle

  • Unlimited Network Carriers
  • Includes ERP Integration
  • Includes Branded Email Confirmations
  • Includes Consolidated Shipping
  • Includes E-Commerce Freight Quote API
  • Includes Unlimited Users
  • Includes Unlimited Ship Stations
  • Includes 4,000 Quotes or Ships/Month
  • Bundle Price is Per Site
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